Thursday, 19 December 2013

Batam Playground!

Holiday start lo!! Lets visit Batam! Got new Playground here. Lol like roller coaster, boom boom car etc. I think its quite fun and THIS FRIDAY 20th Dec grand opening!!! Will be very welcome playground! HAHA 😋

                 Heres also my ootd! 

                        Lets gooo!

Sorry for aliitle blur. Cos i taking at night :(

            Boomboom car in my back!

For some who tired can sit around too!

                        Traffic light! 

      HERES the PLAYGROUND! HAHA quite big. Its indoor. Inside the mall 😊
Thanks for reading! Hope you like it ^.^

Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmast soon! =)

Stressed after EXAM! and then got killer lecture!! Aaaarrghh. Anyway christmas coming soon! Have you guys decide yet? decide what? Go where to celebrate? I will be at Orchard Road there! Hope can see you guys there la ^.^

Dark brown highlight RED!

ANYWAY! Heres my 2nd FAV drink!!!


And heres handmade social network keychain! Love it? Go grab at BUGIS+, Fifth floor, PEEK A BOX. Got 1 box that selling this keychain and they got selling some doraemon and hello kitty stuff. Very adoreable sia! Grab yours =DD

END LIAO :( POST UP SOON AGAIN! Thanks for Reading :)

Rainy december!

Hello everyone!! Sorry for never update my blog. Because got exam and some my onlineshop job. So im a lil bit tired and never touch my lappy. And now i finish all already!! So blessed can post for you guys again!
Hope you enjoy my blog. Heres my some random photos ^.^

Stress Snapback from Vintage shop!

USA versus England sweater from Sweater shop!

USA flip-flops from my MOM! HAHAHA

Bottom from 2nd Edition!

Friday, 25 October 2013

College Life

So siannn during college and we decide camwhore-ing! HAHA and anyway This is my colleague Camelia and Edyfin =DD

New Motorcycle

AHHH! This my new Motorcycle!! Its been so long since my dad angry with my past the sell my motorcyle. HAHA but now He buy for me again! Thankyou Dad and my Big Bro! ^.^

Credit to my Lil bro! HAHA He help me take this photo. Actually i force him de =P

Friday, 4 October 2013

Dinner at Pizza Hut

AAHHH! Hope you are not hungry right now ^.^ I'm so sorry BUT i'm not sorry!
After walk around mall and shopping! NOW its time for DINNER!! Heres my friends Handoyo,Desvie,Sri,Khonie and Yenny! Say hi to them;)

Thanks for Reading :)