Thursday, 19 December 2013

Batam Playground!

Holiday start lo!! Lets visit Batam! Got new Playground here. Lol like roller coaster, boom boom car etc. I think its quite fun and THIS FRIDAY 20th Dec grand opening!!! Will be very welcome playground! HAHA 😋

                 Heres also my ootd! 

                        Lets gooo!

Sorry for aliitle blur. Cos i taking at night :(

            Boomboom car in my back!

For some who tired can sit around too!

                        Traffic light! 

      HERES the PLAYGROUND! HAHA quite big. Its indoor. Inside the mall 😊
Thanks for reading! Hope you like it ^.^

Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmast soon! =)

Stressed after EXAM! and then got killer lecture!! Aaaarrghh. Anyway christmas coming soon! Have you guys decide yet? decide what? Go where to celebrate? I will be at Orchard Road there! Hope can see you guys there la ^.^

Dark brown highlight RED!

ANYWAY! Heres my 2nd FAV drink!!!


And heres handmade social network keychain! Love it? Go grab at BUGIS+, Fifth floor, PEEK A BOX. Got 1 box that selling this keychain and they got selling some doraemon and hello kitty stuff. Very adoreable sia! Grab yours =DD

END LIAO :( POST UP SOON AGAIN! Thanks for Reading :)

Rainy december!

Hello everyone!! Sorry for never update my blog. Because got exam and some my onlineshop job. So im a lil bit tired and never touch my lappy. And now i finish all already!! So blessed can post for you guys again!
Hope you enjoy my blog. Heres my some random photos ^.^

Stress Snapback from Vintage shop!

USA versus England sweater from Sweater shop!

USA flip-flops from my MOM! HAHAHA

Bottom from 2nd Edition!