Monday, 19 May 2014

Thai Movie "TimeLine"

I am not the kind of person who watches Thai Movie frequently. Moreover, it is very hard to find a cinema that is showing Thai movies in Indonesia. However, after the Hollywood movie’s distributor decided to stop distributing movies in Indonesia due to a controversial tax decision by Indonesian’s Ministry of Tourism, many cinemas started to seek alternatives. One of their alternatives was showing Thai Movies as a replacement of Hollywood’s ones.

For several Indonesians, Thai movies are a reflection of their daily life. Surprisingly, how character decides what to do in the movie also same with how the most of the Indonesians decide on the similar problem. In a word, as I said before, Indonesians find many similarities in Thai movies. That is the main reason Indonesians start loving Thai movies.

The face of Toey Jarinporn and James Jirayou, the two main stars of this film, become a cover photo in many popular magazines in Thailand.

Indeed, ‘Time Line’, which is the title of the film, is touch for many people.

In the beginning of this film, mother of Jirayou’s character became a widow after her husband passed away. She then started to take care of her only son and continued her husband’s dream in cultivating strawberry trees. Along with this film, I find that there is one character that is having a crush with Jirayou’s mother. But, Jirayou’s mother determined to avoid romantic relation in this character. She tried to show her loyalty towards her husband by keeping single.

The ending of this film is the death of one of the main characters of this film. The other character, then dedicates his or her life to fulfill his or her lover’s dream. Actually, Jirayou’s character’s mother also does the same thing. Those two stories gave me an information on how precious the value of sacrifice in the Thai’s life.

A little bit sad. Why she die =(

Anyway! I didn't bring my camera. Cox we are accidently decide going Cinema after exam done. Haha sorry for a bit blur =(

Our tickets!! At Blitz Theater, Batam Indonesia ( Kepri Mall ) =DD

Till here yaa!! Thanks for reading! =) I love the Thai Movie anyway! ^.^

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