Sunday, 1 June 2014

Doraemon The Robot Spirits!

Hi everyoneee! I want to share my new toy and just arrived this two days!
It's S.H.Figuarts Doraemon! The Robot Spirits ^.^
Know this before? Yes quite popular for Doraemon lovers..

Do you think it's hard to play with it?
No. It's easy and you guys can easily changes the eyes and face..

And then take photo of him. Hahaha!
I don't really love Doraemon at first.
But now i really start to in love with him!

Cox he really a cute cat and adorable!
All people think love Doraemon and Hello Kitty is a kids..
No man! You are wrong guys..

We adults love Doraemon too with our way! ^.^

Here got the details some photo! =DD

I did order Nobi-Nobita robot also! It's soon coming home! Hihihi ^.^

No filter leh.. I think like that more nice and you can the detail right?

Got the tutorial paper too! Errr i don't really and maybe i just say i can't read japan language. Haha

And i also not lihai in chinese.. Maybe this is the guarantee paper? Like insurance bah.. Hahaha

Here is me with my Doraemon Robot! But i'm not the lazy Nobita lehh =P

And the end of my blogpost! I did post them on my doraemon account instagram, feel free to follow @doraemoncity ^.^

Okay! Thankyou for reading.. Next blog update soon! See yaaaa ^.^