Sunday, 3 August 2014

Peek A Box!

Hi guys! Are you guys love to selling something and don't know sell at where? Maybe selling like your hand made things or others interest things?

Nahhh! I can suggest you guys selling them at Peek A Box like me by rent a box ^.^
Because i also rent 2 box for selling my handmade stuff there is bracelets and social media keychain =DD

Here is them!

Don't have any idea how to put them nice. See the next photo! Haha

                 After 10 mins!

               And this one middle side!

And the social media keychain! Got some haven't put also :(

And i manage to take a selfie with my bracelets! Haha

And i try to put my head into inside. Hahaha just for fun. You can choose more bigger than my box also la. And can design many more with your style to make a customer interest with your stuff!! Ofcourse don't be so party lor. Simple more nice, Right?

Curious with my ootd anot? =P show you guys laa!

My top from Bugis street (2nd Edition) and short soft black pants i buy at bugis also. Forget the shop name it's about $18. Quite cheap for a soft pants. So comfy. I really love it! Anddd my boots i think you guys knoww laa! It's Doc Martens boots maroon colors ^.^

I got order black one! Haha arrive soon and can't wait wear it and show to you guys again!!! =DDD

I didn't edit alot. Cos so many people i need to edit and blog again :( so sad!! Sorry for a little bit blur hor!

I take this after put my bracelets and keychain. Going shop at Bras Basah (Popular) ^.^

Before going Bras Basah. Lunch at Astons (Bugis+). Astons food really so my taste! Love them all!! =DD

And after thattt!! Going AMPED trampoline park! Sweat sweatttt ^.^

It's my first time coming here! And really fun and the crew so friendly. They willing teach us if you ask for teaching. Haha don't be shy! ;)

After that got going dinner McDonalds!! Haha after sweat going eat junk food. Lol i know it's abit crazy. But it's fun and going home ^.^

Sooo yeah, i got a lot of activities again after along day. Just a short cut for a blog for you guys!! ^.^ hope you guys enjoy! Byeeeee! =DDD