Friday, 31 October 2014

Aqua Blue again and it's my Hairs

New update blog from me again! It's just a hair color blog hahhaa..
Think should be about 7 month i did not dye my hair, because of sickness and study and really don't have time for blog and do everythings i want to do..

So now finally can do a little bit of dye to my hair, why just front side? because fully blue for me i think it's too much and not nice on me lah.. So just front side!!!

Now you guys just scroll down and enjoy!! =DD

I did not manage to take while on processing cause it's not an Ad but mostly all salon can do it good also :)

Wink wink! ;)

Super really love my blue tales!! But will fade away soon if always washed them :( quite sad its not permanent. But it's ok! Maybe i will dye another colors again?? Haha

The close up and act cool fails maybe? Lolol

This is super close up and i try messy it my hair and it become black plus blue = ?? Hahaha

And this one not messy.. Nice horrr!! *thick skinned* ^0^

So yeah just a short blog for my new hair and thankyou for reading!! I will dye more bright color next time! Hahhaa

See yaaaa! Bye ~ much thanks for who read and share ^.^

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Hiiiii everyone!! Long time no read huh?! So sorry to you guys that i've been so busy and no time for photoshoot for my own blog post :(

But todayyy! Finally i have time to blog! =P did you guys miss me? HAHA

So here i just want to intro my new Quiksilver red marron shirts! Super comfy and nice colors for accompany my #ootd.

And did you guys asking where i buy the short pants?! I have been wear it long time ago also! Really comfy and soft. I bought from Bugis Street (2nd Edition) they have a lot of men type outfit. Like me =DD

Here a close up! Hahaha while testing camera..

And also didn't forget.. Jump session!! 

Cutie bowtie and my doc martens boots also coming in marron! Suddenly in love with marron! But mostly green is my fav colors lah ;)

Haunted house?! :O Standing outside. What i'm thinking? Lolol

Slow motion walk and fast capture.. I take all picture by myself! Did you guys believe? Hehehe just using tripod and will get used to be. At first it takes a lot of time :) patient is a must!

Nice socks?! I buy from Qiuqiu (Sg blogger) @bongqiuqiu on instagram when she open garage sale! I buy 3pairs and it's astronaut socks! Got Oranges (I'm wearing now on pic) grey and then navy blue ^.^ nice, comfy! That face why like that :( hahahha it's okay bah..

Showing off my bowtie! And alsooo i'm wearing my own brand bracelets!!!! Its just launching few days ago! (Three straps leather in Blue White Red) @f_diy on Instagram =DD

Selfieee again on grey wall =DD

And the last pic is my is my fav from all pic that i take.. Love the colors and it looks natural ^.^ (I set as my Instagram new profile pictures) Hehehe

Okayyy! It's time to say goodbye! (Ehh.. No not goodbye but see you guys again) is you guys see me anyway! :( Hahaha thanks for reading! Another blog update soon ^.^