Friday, 31 October 2014

Aqua Blue again and it's my Hairs

New update blog from me again! It's just a hair color blog hahhaa..
Think should be about 7 month i did not dye my hair, because of sickness and study and really don't have time for blog and do everythings i want to do..

So now finally can do a little bit of dye to my hair, why just front side? because fully blue for me i think it's too much and not nice on me lah.. So just front side!!!

Now you guys just scroll down and enjoy!! =DD

I did not manage to take while on processing cause it's not an Ad but mostly all salon can do it good also :)

Wink wink! ;)

Super really love my blue tales!! But will fade away soon if always washed them :( quite sad its not permanent. But it's ok! Maybe i will dye another colors again?? Haha

The close up and act cool fails maybe? Lolol

This is super close up and i try messy it my hair and it become black plus blue = ?? Hahaha

And this one not messy.. Nice horrr!! *thick skinned* ^0^

So yeah just a short blog for my new hair and thankyou for reading!! I will dye more bright color next time! Hahhaa

See yaaaa! Bye ~ much thanks for who read and share ^.^

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