Monday, 22 December 2014

USS (Xmas themes)

Ohayoooo! Hi everyone, esp for who in Singapore! =D today I'm going Universal Studio Singapore with my family and my cousins because got Christmas themes. But quite sad cox got a little bit rain and it really made me not comfort bit it's okay la still fun! ^.^

Here is me before at USS that mean still at home and on the way soon! Hahaha selfie is must hor!! Really love this pic, I think I love myself againnnnn.. ^.^

The tickets of Chirstmas themes is nice! Love the design leh hahhaa =P

Standing beside not at front side cox got a little bit rain =(

Yayyyy! Family are here ^.^ get ready to explore the USS lahhh

Looks at the kids! Playing bubble gun with the USS crew ^.^ so cute and adorable ^.^

Minion Mart hereeee! Did not manage to go inside cox busy with playing other games =((

Selfieeeeeee! xx

A lot people is q for taking at the christmas wall. But I'm not interest lehh hehehe 

Love the top view. So sad it's raining and quite dark. 

Everyone know this CHURROs!!

I'm wearing my brand of bracelets and it's Christmas edition colors! ^.^

Selfie in front of Churro cars with le cousins! xx

A lot of vintages cars and also did not manage to take them =((

Lights cam action!!!! Super awesome and looks like super real leh wah lao! Until I forgot take pic cox enjoy the show!!! Really worth to wait. I suggest if got ppl going. Please walk second row. If not that's ok lah =))

Transformerssss!! 🚗🚕🚙

So lucky that not much people. No need q for so longgggg..

Really love this pic! Cox it's really looks super nice and Feel like you are at the inside of the movie!!

See the q place, thay make so interesting for q up or taking photo while we q-ing. Because really bored too q if not have that interest place..

After shock and quite dizzy sit the transformers car help them clear the mission and saving the world. Lol *claps for myself.

Cool yet expensive! Hahahha worth to collect btw for transformers maniac or not.

Everybody know this!!! Far far away ^.^

Sorry for the blur and bad quality cox need faster take. Everyones is looking at for q siaa -_-"

Will see this tree if you guys at Far far away ^.^

Potionnnnn! 😱😱😱 drink them all lahh

Christmas gift maybe? ^.^

Here's mirror selfie! #ootd top from H&M

Another mirror selfie ^.^

Say good bye to far far awayyyyy~ ^.^

And yeahhhh! After tired playing and then taking picturesss now enjoying view and wait for FIREWORKSSSS!!! :O

9:30pm finally outttt! Everyone is busy taking and record pic. Confirm did not enjoy the show hahahhaa (include me lah)

Looks like clubbing!! Lolol

Yay! Finally the end of this blog post. Hope you guys enjoy. Think the firework shoot is super nice horrrr!! Next blog should be I'm going Haji Lane ^.^ see u