Tuesday, 22 December 2015

TrickEye Museum Singapore x TIN

Hey whasupppp guys!
Hope everythings is good! Today i am going to share/post/update about my experience at TRICK EYE MUSEUM SINGAPORE! ^.^

Never been here before and really happy and enjoy with my friend. Thanks to TIN Influencer SG for the invite (William & Gerald) both are awesome and humble as well!

So here is my few pictures that i take inside the room. It got a lot but i only take few :( but nevermind lah. They got give me the TRICK EYE MUSEUM PASSPORT! So i can go whenever i want it too!! Can take more to share too right?

Love this White Horse ^.^

All in square just because i want to upload on Instagram hahahahha but defenitely some only lol

I know this one so chio right? But a man also can dance like a girl. Who knows? T_T

I don't know to take this one. A bit confuse me but it is a lot of fun too! Might go again and take properly!

Yooo. Another crazy mermaid boy? HAHAHHA

EVERYONE take this kind is with couple but i am just holding the clothes wire and imagine like i am going to cross over. Yeah!

FLY FLY FLY! (Trickeye) your friends. Make your friends impress with you haha

And yeahhhh so many many more Trick Eye inside! I hope you guys enjoy my short blog. And remember to go if you curious. Singapore on is at Resort World Sentosa follow their instagram @trickeyemuseumsg for more update! Thankyou and see you guys soon on next blogpost! Bai baiiiii ~

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Collaboration with Daniel Wellington

Hellawwww everyone!
Yeaps it's been a long time and I actually miss blogging! ^^

I think you guys already known this watches lah right? So i don't need to explain to much for it. Hahah

Really honored received an Collaboration Proposal email from Daniel Wellington Co. Ltd (Shaowa Cai) and they are on doing market extending! 

So here you guys can enjoy some pictures that i just simply shoot.

When your DW arrived! Is like this. Manual book and others! 

Close my eyes and just shoot me photographer. Thanks ^^~

If you been asking. That's Fendi Bifold BagBugs wallet. I take for shoot together cox i really love it! It's a gift by the way. Thankyou (if you are reading) hahahha.

I don't know why i pose like thisssss :'( Ahhahaha. But it's okay. Just a goodbye pose lor..

So okay! Not really write a lot but hope you guys enjoy! AND don't forget use my discount code "DWfreddy" to get 15% off from your purhase at www.danielwellington.com Pick you favorite nowwww! Enjoy my early post before on my instagram @freddyhwk! THANKYOUUU. BYEEE~

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

One Fine Day coffee scrubs.

Hey there who are on reading my blog! ^_^

I think you guys should be known a lots of COFFEE SCRUB out there and got some blogger or artist review them say it nice and some say not really!

You know coffee is fragrance. Special of the taste. I don't really drink coffee btw! HAHA

SO YEAH! Today i tried and tested this COFFEE SCRUB from @ofdindonesia (One Fine Day). It made with sea salt, olive oil, cinnamon, aromatherapic oil and of course with coffee lah!

Great combination. And safe for our face and body. Bcause i got breakouts and the breakouts leave me a acne scars. It's so uneasy. Really! 

Then after use this coffee scrub from @ofdindonesia (search them on Instagram) i feel the acne scars FADE AWAY! I don't really believe it and feel so smooth. You guys really should try them out!

Price is reasonable and they provide a good service. 

OHHH YA! How to use it?

Use your two handful of scrub. Use it with circular massage motion, just focus on problem area. After that just rinse with warm water ^.^ DAMN EASY RIGHT!

If irritation occurs (if you are allergy with coffee) just stop using the product and seek medical help

So after around 5mins scrubing. It's time to rinse of the coffee scrub!! I really feel fresh and my face is more brighten and getting smooth! Cause coffee is like charge and renew our skin. So in love!


Okay! I will go back do my thesis hahaha! Will blog more if i got idea for blog kay! Sorry for less blogging. Enjoy and have a nice day! ^.^ Bye~

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

SO:DA Shirt

Hi everyone! ^.^

Been a long time never do a fashion photoshoot right? Here just some enjoy shoot and candid shoot. HAHA

Got some EPIC FAIL. Hope you enjoy!

And the both sweater is sponsored from SO:DA Shirt (Jakarta, Indonesia) @sodashirt on instagram/twitter. The materials are really import quality! ^_^

Enjoy below! =DD

Here is the epic fail! HAHA Because nice face is too mainstream these days =P

It's Astronaut Jumper sweater (black) 

Another Epic fail (my eyes are closed if you notice) =DD

Okay! Next sweater are Wolf Galaxy! I love this sweater really much. The galaxy super colorful. And i'm a cheerful type of person. 

So i don't know i just love this! <3

Trying to mix and match with my yellow short pants. Looks more nice and READY FOR SUMMER! ^.^

So.. Here just some of my shoot! Hope you guys like it and remeber to visit thier Facebook page http://facebook.com/soda.shirt ~