Wednesday, 27 May 2015

TheFaceShop Character Mask - Tiger


Today i'm just sharing this cutes character mask that on trending at Korea and now all worldwide is talking about this mask. Hahaha

I bought from The Face Shop (Vivo City, Singapore) $3.90 each and i try buy Tiger mask and Sheep. 

The sheep i think is too girly so i decide to give my mom using it haha (she don't let me post) lol 

Yes i'm going to use it on my face. The mask is super fragrance. Love the smell of tiger one. 

Before using it. Selfie is a must hahah

I don't really know whats smell it is but i quite love it. 

I trying open my eyes bigger and bigger hahah to looks fierce because i'm Tiger! Temporary tiger :( HAHAHHA

The character mask sheet delivers rich moisture to dry and flaky skin with Hyaluronic acid and Collagen.

It's really easy to use. Just like normal mask but you are confirm so exciting when you want to using them. 

I did not manage to do how i'm using it. Just wash your face, pull out the mask and carefully place it on your face. 

Don't stay to long. Remove after around 10-15 mins and then massage your face cause still got the essence. 

The 10-15 mins is enough to take a lot of selfie with your friends or your love one haha maybe it will take more long time? Hahaha just don't stay over 20plus mins. I can't explain why but you guys may search google. Usually face mask just can stay 10-20 mins. After that just remove! ^.^

So yaaa thanks for reading. It just my short review about the character mask! Hope you guys enjoy and go buy lahh! I will buy another character mask hahah

P/S: (This is not an Ad) =D