Tuesday, 23 June 2015

SO:DA Shirt

Hi everyone! ^.^

Been a long time never do a fashion photoshoot right? Here just some enjoy shoot and candid shoot. HAHA

Got some EPIC FAIL. Hope you enjoy!

And the both sweater is sponsored from SO:DA Shirt (Jakarta, Indonesia) @sodashirt on instagram/twitter. The materials are really import quality! ^_^

Enjoy below! =DD

Here is the epic fail! HAHA Because nice face is too mainstream these days =P

It's Astronaut Jumper sweater (black) 

Another Epic fail (my eyes are closed if you notice) =DD

Okay! Next sweater are Wolf Galaxy! I love this sweater really much. The galaxy super colorful. And i'm a cheerful type of person. 

So i don't know i just love this! <3

Trying to mix and match with my yellow short pants. Looks more nice and READY FOR SUMMER! ^.^

So.. Here just some of my shoot! Hope you guys like it and remeber to visit thier Facebook page http://facebook.com/soda.shirt ~


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