Wednesday, 15 July 2015

One Fine Day coffee scrubs.

Hey there who are on reading my blog! ^_^

I think you guys should be known a lots of COFFEE SCRUB out there and got some blogger or artist review them say it nice and some say not really!

You know coffee is fragrance. Special of the taste. I don't really drink coffee btw! HAHA

SO YEAH! Today i tried and tested this COFFEE SCRUB from @ofdindonesia (One Fine Day). It made with sea salt, olive oil, cinnamon, aromatherapic oil and of course with coffee lah!

Great combination. And safe for our face and body. Bcause i got breakouts and the breakouts leave me a acne scars. It's so uneasy. Really! 

Then after use this coffee scrub from @ofdindonesia (search them on Instagram) i feel the acne scars FADE AWAY! I don't really believe it and feel so smooth. You guys really should try them out!

Price is reasonable and they provide a good service. 

OHHH YA! How to use it?

Use your two handful of scrub. Use it with circular massage motion, just focus on problem area. After that just rinse with warm water ^.^ DAMN EASY RIGHT!

If irritation occurs (if you are allergy with coffee) just stop using the product and seek medical help

So after around 5mins scrubing. It's time to rinse of the coffee scrub!! I really feel fresh and my face is more brighten and getting smooth! Cause coffee is like charge and renew our skin. So in love!


Okay! I will go back do my thesis hahaha! Will blog more if i got idea for blog kay! Sorry for less blogging. Enjoy and have a nice day! ^.^ Bye~