Sunday, 20 September 2015

Collaboration with Daniel Wellington

Hellawwww everyone!
Yeaps it's been a long time and I actually miss blogging! ^^

I think you guys already known this watches lah right? So i don't need to explain to much for it. Hahah

Really honored received an Collaboration Proposal email from Daniel Wellington Co. Ltd (Shaowa Cai) and they are on doing market extending! 

So here you guys can enjoy some pictures that i just simply shoot.

When your DW arrived! Is like this. Manual book and others! 

Close my eyes and just shoot me photographer. Thanks ^^~

If you been asking. That's Fendi Bifold BagBugs wallet. I take for shoot together cox i really love it! It's a gift by the way. Thankyou (if you are reading) hahahha.

I don't know why i pose like thisssss :'( Ahhahaha. But it's okay. Just a goodbye pose lor..

So okay! Not really write a lot but hope you guys enjoy! AND don't forget use my discount code "DWfreddy" to get 15% off from your purhase at Pick you favorite nowwww! Enjoy my early post before on my instagram @freddyhwk! THANKYOUUU. BYEEE~