Tuesday, 22 December 2015

TrickEye Museum Singapore x TIN

Hey whasupppp guys!
Hope everythings is good! Today i am going to share/post/update about my experience at TRICK EYE MUSEUM SINGAPORE! ^.^

Never been here before and really happy and enjoy with my friend. Thanks to TIN Influencer SG for the invite (William & Gerald) both are awesome and humble as well!

So here is my few pictures that i take inside the room. It got a lot but i only take few :( but nevermind lah. They got give me the TRICK EYE MUSEUM PASSPORT! So i can go whenever i want it too!! Can take more to share too right?

Love this White Horse ^.^

All in square just because i want to upload on Instagram hahahahha but defenitely some only lol

I know this one so chio right? But a man also can dance like a girl. Who knows? T_T

I don't know to take this one. A bit confuse me but it is a lot of fun too! Might go again and take properly!

Yooo. Another crazy mermaid boy? HAHAHHA

EVERYONE take this kind is with couple but i am just holding the clothes wire and imagine like i am going to cross over. Yeah!

FLY FLY FLY! (Trickeye) your friends. Make your friends impress with you haha

And yeahhhh so many many more Trick Eye inside! I hope you guys enjoy my short blog. And remember to go if you curious. Singapore on is at Resort World Sentosa follow their instagram @trickeyemuseumsg for more update! Thankyou and see you guys soon on next blogpost! Bai baiiiii ~


  1. Hello, Freddy
    Thank you for visiting Trick Eye Museum and hope you had great time with us.
    We would like to share some of your photo at TEM in our blog for English speakers (http://trickeye.blogspot.com). If it’s okay for you, please let us know. Thank you!

    1. Hi TrickEye Museum Singapore, thanks for your invites too! Really have fun and definitely will going again! Sure it's okay for please go ahead. Thankyou! :)