Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Love and Hate at the same time.

Hello readers! It's been almost 1 year that i didn't manage to update my blog. To be honest i am just so lazy and people now is prefer to watch vlog. Isn't it? I will try to move into there okay!

Anyway here to sharing something about Love and Hate at the same time :) do you guys ever feeling it too? It's probably yes and sometimes you all just not realized.

I do have this problem now and i never know how to cure it. Anyway just because it's heart problems that may not everyone understand. Can say no one understand? Like just say, even hard how you explain. They just never understand right. Only have 2 factors;

1. Your age and your partner
2. Love or money?

For me it doesn't matter what you feel. If you feel they are good to you and you don't want to giving up the relationship. You may just continue it and don't let it over. Maybe sometimes you just can't put aside your image. 

And have two type of person;

1. Very forgetfull
2. Unforgiving

If those two above people bump, you both will never talk properly and might cause of many doubts :) End up fighting all over again. So what you gonna do? You can't take people as granted and will wish they running back when you trying to push them away. When the time is coming they will really leave and never look back. IF they are really have true love to you. Might not that easy giving you up :)

So that's all that i want to share. Note to self: Don't ever hurt people around you no matter what. Especially when they are put effort into you. Once have a scar forever is a scar.